Alpharetta's Upscale Car Wash


Dear Sky Wash Guests, Members, & Friends,

As of today, December 22, 2014, Sky Car Wash is officially closing its doors for business.

My decision to close Sky did not come easy.  Sky has been an important part of the Roswell and Alpharetta community since it opened in 2000 and I know many people will be disappointed.  I’ve learned a lot the past 2 years of owning Sky and I’m thankful for what I’ve learned, for the people I’ve met, and for the support I’ve gotten from people in the community.  But after much prayer, counsel, and discussions with my family, the time has come to move in a different direction.

I am excited to announce that in the spring of 2015 we will open Wash Me Fast.  Wash Me Fast is a unique express carwash model that provides exterior car washes, free self-service vacuuming and emission testing.  I’ve owned Wash Me Fast for 10 years, operating out of a strong desire to deliver a remarkable experience to our guests and team members.  Wash Me Fast will allow us to better serve you and the local community.

I have tried to address possible questions you may have on our website (, but if you need further assistance please email and we will be happy to assist you.

Thank you for your business the past 2 years and we look forward to serving you at Wash Me Fast very soon!

Happy New Year and God bless,

Jim Dudley
Sky Car Wash


Questions and Answers:

I am a monthly member, will my credit card still be charged?  No.  We have canceled all monthly memberships and have given everyone a pro-rated refund.

What if I had a yearly membership?  All yearly memberships have been canceled.     Please email to process your refund.

What if I have a sky gift card?  If you have a sky gift card purchased after June 1, 2013 we are offering two options. The first option is we are offering you the chance to swap your Sky gift card for a Wash Me Fast gift card for the same amount, plus an extra 30%.  Example, if you have a $100 sky gift card we will give you a $130 Wash Me Fast gift card.  The second option is a refund.  Please email us at or stop by once we are open again and we will take care of this for you.  We are asking all refunds to be processed by July 1.

I have an Amazon certificate, or another daily deal certificate, what should I do?  Wash Me Fast will honor pre-paid certificates (that aren’t expired) and will give equal value for each certificate.  Example, if you purchased a $29.95 wash from Amazon, Wash Me Fast will give you $29.95 in services.

I have a Be Our Guest card from Sky, can I use that at Wash Me Fast?  Absolutely!  Wash Me Fast will honor all Sky Be Our Guest cards, through July 1, 2015.  All BOG’s will be good for Wash Me Fast’s $20 manager’s special.